I’ve decided to compile a list of learning resources about Autism.


“Loud Hands: Autistic People, Speaking” by Julia Bascom

“All The Weight Of Our Dreams: On Living Racialized Autism” by Autism Women and Nonbinary Network, Lydia X. Z. Brown and Morenike Giwa Onaiwu

“Neurotribes” by Steve Silberman

“Typed Words, Loud Voices” by Elizabeth Grace, Amy Sequenzia


“What Is Autism?” – Neurocosmopolitanism (LINK)

“Sot Telling Me I Don’t ‘Look Autistic’ – It’s Not Something You Can See” – (LINK)

“Supporting Autistic Students in College or University” – NAS (LINK)

“Best Practice Adjustments for the Workplace” – NAS (LINK)

“Autistic People Aren’t Really Accepted – And It’s Impacting Their Mental Health” – The Conversation (LINK)

“Identity – First Language” – ASAN (LINK)

“Autistic While Black: How Autism Amplifies Stereotypes” – (LINK)

“The Misnomer Of High-Functioning Autism” – Sagepub (LINK)

“My Right To Communicate Does Not Depend On Your Bigotry” – AWNN (LINK)

“Performing Pain: Autism And Expectations” – AutistRhi (LINK)

“5 Essential Ways To Support The Autistic Community In Autism Acceptance” – Everyday Feminism (LINK)

“Lets Unpack The Damage Of Being Labelled ‘High-Functioning’ or ‘Low-Functioning'” – Everyday Feminism (LINK)

“I’m Autistic. Here Are 5 Ways You Can Support Me At Work” – Everyday Feminism (LINK)

“Stop ABA, Support Autistics” – (LINK)

“We Need More Representation For Autistic People Of Colour” – Gal-Dem (LINK)

“Understanding The Gender Gap: Autistic Women And Girls” – AWN (LINK)



Spaced Out and Smiling


Thinking Person’s Guide To Autism





The Autistic Advocate



Agony Autie

Kayla Smith

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